Live Host Data

Buy Pick: Shodan


  • $69 - $1099 per month depending on number of results per month needed
  • 1 million, 20 million, or unlimited results options
  • 137,390,036 results for port:443

Usage Tips

  • use net: for searching for results in a CIDR network
  • supports JARM searches with ssl.jarm parameter
  • can stack queries i.e. ssl.jarm:"2ad2ad16d2ad2ad22c42d42d000000dc2b105e4dda975fa70719c0cae5d0ce" net:
  • supports organization filters i.e. org:"Verizon Business"
  • supports SSN cert CN filters i.e."*"


  • free account available, 250 requests per month
  • also gathers torrent/DHT data
  • $10-500 a month for higher query limits
  • 163,691,756 results for port:443


  • gray hat scanning platform
  • targeted at identifying vulnerable services, but can be used for other things
  • has "reporting" capability where vulnerabilities can be reported to their owners

RiskIQ Community

  • free account with business email has the following monthly quotas:
Web Searches: 350
API Searches: 3,500
Community (public) Projects: 1,000
Team & Analyst (private) Projects: 1
Basic Monitors: 5,000
Keyword Monitors: 10
Monitor Frequency: Weekly
Quota Duration
Last Reset
2022-10-01 00:00:00
Next Reset
2022-11-01 00:00:00
  • recently acquired by microsoft, integrated into Defender Threat Intelligence so future uncertain


  • "GreyNoise is a cybersecurity platform that collects and analyzes Internet-wide scan and attack traffic"
  • does not scan the internet, but collects data on what is scanning/attacking from the internet


  • 96,166,688 results for port:443



  • 59 Euros for search access
  • 100-1000 Euro plans for business
  • unknown data size

Build Pick: N/A

  • most users should not try to scan the whole internet
  • if you are the person that needs to build this, hopefully you know what you're doing